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Reza MKZadeh

JACDEC ( Aviation safety ) reported :


The Emirates B777 was taxiing for departure to runway 18L(eft) along the eastern parallel taxiway facing north, the its right outer wing sliced through the tailfin of a Hak Air Boeing 737 resulting in substantial damage.


It appears the 737 was parked outside its marked parking area, narrowing space for larger jets taxiing behind. The pilots of the Boeing 777 already departed the taxi centreline to the left in an alledged attempt to avoid conflict with the parked aircraft on the right side.

there is no injured reported in this incident .


tow flights has been by airlines cancelled.

But Nigerian press reported that according to the latest NOTAM the eastern taxiway was closed for larger jets.

Jumpseat.pro Note ”
we thinks there is a chain of mistakes from B737 pilots and B777 pilots and airport ground traffic controler …



Date: 2015-07-06 Time: 21:30:00
Location: DNMM LOS Lagos Murtala Muhammed
Country: Nigeria
Flight phase: TXI – Taxi, Power Back
Damage to a/c: substantial

Flight no.: EK 782
From: DNMM/LOS: Lagos Murtala Muhammed To: OMDB/DXB: Dubai
Type: Passenger

Type: Boeing 777-200
Registration: A6-EWD
Age a/c: 6,9 years
Constr. No.: 35577


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