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In 17 September 2016 Ashgabat new international airport opened for public use . The new airport complex is inspired by Turkmenistan symbolic falcon bird . The airport received Class “A”  IATA rank and known by ASB code .


Falcon shaped building is one of the largest bird shaped building in the world according to World Record Academy in the United States , the building is new iconic symbol of freedom and transport in Turkmenistan .

Capacity of this airport is 14 million domestic and international passengers in year , which is consists 266 buildings in 12 million m2 including 2,5 million m2 area of runways, taxiways and aprons.


New airport is including coffee shops and Duty free plus BC,FC and VIP lounges and 5 star hotel .
Turkmen official hops they could join other big international air hubs like Dubai , Frankfurt and Istanbul in 2036 with transporting 14 million passenger per year .

One of the suggested design

According to TheDesingAir report : “The airport design is more than just a beautiful facade, care and attention has gone into creating the “World’s First Smart Airport.” In addition to a CAT III ILS equipped new 3, 840 m long runway with the Code 4F capacity, which is suitable for Landing and Take-off of the contemporary Airbus A380 and Boeing B747-8 aircrafts, the other existing Code 4E and CAT II ILS equipped runway will continue to provide service.

The new airport built by Polimeks company . Turkish company who invest billions of dollars in Turkmenistan and building more than 50 difference projects like TV tower and and Sport complexes .

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