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In 21 century traveling is not just mean moving from point A to point B then enjoy , 100 years ago time on the way was much longer than staying at your destination . But this days traveling in other side of the world maximum take 16 hours and much cheaper , but sky travel is like more fun for some people .

Let’s categorize sky traveler :

  1. Business men and women

  2. Holiday Travelers

  3. Holiday fun hunters

    A) Business men and women : They are traveling for achieve or do work in other place they have meeting , They need quickest way to arrive and return home , but even in this category is they are like manager or owner they want to travel in luxury way and try to use their money to make travel more relax and show other people how powerful they are and show them about how rich they are .

B) Holiday Travelers : This people are like old people and they believe they have to arrive in their destination then start their journey , but actually this kind of traveler are in minority , this travelers must of the times angry about busy airports and delays …

C) Holiday fun hunters : This hunters are believe their journey will start right after they decided to have good trip to other places . They will enjoy every moment of their trip in any circumstances , it doesn’t matter they stock in an airport or in seat “ E or F ” in row 45 in A380 .

But maybe you ask why we are counting travelers category ??? This is a good question …

When you hear about 5 star things it means this thing is the best in their own kind and 5 star is first choice of people , but receiving 5 star is not easy things in this competition world there is plenty of agency who they will study one or more years of working of a palace for receiving their 5th star , in some industry like airline even receiving the 4th star is really hard and it’s good to know as thousand registered airline in the world only 9 airline does have 5 star . In this article we want to introduce you to 9 Five-Star airline in the world .

This airlines chosen by SkyTrax website , the biggest quality evaluators in the world , but first we have to say : getting the 5 star name is not makes that airline the best airline in the world , in 2016 Emirates airline named for best airline in the world “ Emirates does have 4 star “ .


The SkyTrax program : the international air transport rating organization. Ratings are determined through direct and professional analysis of Quality standards, and the Airline Star Ratings are recognised as a global Benchmark of airline standards.

This is 9 Five-Star airline list :

9) ANA All Nippon Airways or ANA : Tokyo based airline is the biggest airline in Japan . It operates services to both domestic and international destinations[4]and had more than 20,000 employees as of March 2016 . ANA received first B787 in the world …


8) AirAsiana : is one of South Korea’s two major airlines, along with Korean Air. Asiana has its headquarters in Asiana Town building in Seoul. The airline has its domestic hub at Gimpo International Airport and its international hub at Incheon International Airport .


7) Cathay Pacific Airways : Cathay Pacific, is the flag carrier of Hong Kong , The airline was founded on September 24, 1946 by Australian Sydney H. de Kantzow and American Roy C. Farrell . In 2014 CPA won the airline of the year award from SkyTrax .


6) Etihad Airways : AbuDabi based airline is one of the fastest growing airline in the Middle East founded in 2003 , They achieved 30 different award from difference agency . Etihad Airways receives 6th place on “The world’s Top 10 Airlines of 2015” by Skytrax . The only award UAE airlines didn’t received is SkyTrax “ The airline of the year ” .


But the iconic things about Etihad is their A380 first class suit , “ The best first class in the year ” . Etihad mission is different than Emirates , they want everything in the most luxurious way.

Stay toned in next article we will name other 5 5-star airline.

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